As Auroville celebrates its 50th birthday, Anveshan along with Auroville community at large is organizing the first Auroville Food Festival. The festival, which will be held from December 16-23, will showcase Auroville’s rich blend of disparate cultures through its gastronomic diversity.

Each day of the festival will focus on a particular tradition of cuisine, i.e. North Indian, South Indian, Mediterranean, etc. Since culinary traditions are a vital part of cultures, the event aims to introduce people to traditional cuisine from various parts of the world.

What’s more, the Auroville Food Festival coincides with the 5th Auroville Film Festival, which also runs from December 16-23. Films from within Auroville and outside, touching upon the themes of human unity, will be screened at the festival, guaranteeing that you have food for thought as well.

Volunteers are invited to join the organizing team of the Auroville Food Festival to help make the event a great success. There are several areas like food presentation, hosting, layout design and co-ordination that volunteers can be part of.

Those interested can contact:

Aneeta Pathak –

Founder Director

Anveshan – An Experiential Learning & Unlearning Centre