Dear Resident,

You are hereby instructed to attend the following compulsory, non-interactive, non-participatory:


WHEN: 8pm, Saturday October 25

WHERE: Visitors’ Centre

WHY: Not?

HOW: Good question.

WHO: The Genius Brothers Assembly Committee Sub-group


Attendance at this important meeting is compusory and failure to participate will be recorded on your secret file stored in the headquarters of Mothers’ Intelligence Agency (in an undisclosed location) and used against you the next time you apply for funds to fix your fence. You have been warned.

Much love,

The Genius Brothers


PLAN B (in case of rain)

In case of rain this Saturday night, you will still be required to attend Saturday night’s General Disorder Meeting.

There will be no excuses.

In this circumstance however, the General Disorder Meeting will go to PLAN B – the Unity Pavilion.

So, if it’s pouring by 6pm, then there’s a good chance the General Disorder Meeting will reconvene in the Unity Pavilion and start as scheduled at 8pm (in the Unity Pavilion).

And if it isn’t raining, the General Disorder Meeting will be held at 8pm in the Visitors’ Centre as previously advertised.

Confused? Above is the original announcement ^