New Event with Filmmaker Jeremy Seifert
This past Thursday, we had a powerful conversation with filmmaker Adam Loften and Mohammed Alsaleh, who is featured in the short documentary film Welcome to Canada. Mohammed, a Syrian refugee who fled violence and imprisonment during the Assad regime, was asked by a participant, “What would you like high school students to know about the Syrian refugee crisis, Syrian people and culture?” He responded by saying that the best way to learn about people is to meet them, to learn their real stories. “We are all human,” he said. This is a powerful statement. By listening to each other’s stories, we inherently become more open and break down the barriers which separate us.

During the conversation, Mohammed shared Humans Understanding Humans, an organization that enables students to virtually meet individuals from different cultures. If you’d like to learn more about Mohammed and his work as an inspirational speaker, visit his website and watch his two TEDx talks. 

Next week, join us on Thursday, April 16th at 11am/PST with filmmaker Jeremy Seifert to discuss his film The Church Forests of Ethiopia. This beautiful film, which premiered as an Op-Doc in The New York Times, is set in the Ethiopian highlands where church grounds have become accidental time capsules of biodiversity. We meet Dr. Alemayehu Wassie Eshete who works with priests and the community to preserve the forests from further environmental destruction. Jeremy writes, “For me, these little blips of green forest rising out of vast swaths of deforested brown earth represent hope. They are a powerful intersection of faith and science doing some good in the world.” 

I hope you can join us.
 All the best,
Cleary Vaughan-Lee
Executive Director 
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