This is a video of my book-dummy “Good Morning Auroville” about an experimental town in southern India. The project has been funded by a grant of Kulturwerk VG Bild-Kunst. Thanks a lot also for the edit and sequence to Wolfgang Zurborn from Lichtblick School, Thomas Hackbarth from Das Druckhaus Duesseldorf for the great digital printing on an HP Indigo Machine, and Sarah Stahl from Buchbinderei Mensch Cologne, for the beautiful binding and cover!
“Good Morning Auroville” will be exhibited during several photobook events this year in Europe, as in Moskow, Rome, Dublin, Dortmund, Tiflis, Aarhus, Lodz, Istanbul and other cities. It has just been shortlisted as one of the best dummies at Kassel Photobook Dummy Award 2017.

Good Morning Auroville I The Last Utopia I Photobook Page Flipping from David Klammer on Vimeo.