henk_poland Aurovilian sculptor Henk van Putten is sending news from Poland:

REDUCTIVE EXHIBITION curated by Roland de Jong Orlando.

The Indian transporter managed it to deliver my works with a delay of exactly three months:
My sculptures arrived at the tenth of August due to incorrect documents.
The Polish customs are severe as everywhere.
But now the exhibition is complete! I am very happy.
Thanks to Jaroslaw Denisiuk the pieces are also photographed so I can show them.
Soon the exhibition will travel to Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

In the thick cataloque Jaroslaw Denisiuk writes an illustrated view on the theme: TOWARDS REDUCTION.
I cite hereby the last paragraph:

Gathering by Roland de Jong 32 creative personalities, representing four generations of living and active artists,
is a major curatorial and logistic undertaking. It is also a rare opportunity to explore the relatively little-known
oeuvre of contempory artists living in the Netherlands, together with their dynamism, varied solutions, techniques
and attitudes. Exhibiting these works in countries where constructive traditions were undoubtedly strong
(i.e. Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakije) has a great cognitive value, especially when compared with
the impressive legacy of the international movement.