proskills_800INVITATION to PROSKILLS Launch Event

The Auroville Apprenticeship Program would like to invite the entire community to the upcoming launch of the PROSKILLS program – a night of fun, food and community!

The event will showcase the community’s existing and talent and provide opportunities for others to develop their skills.

WHEN: Friday, Oct 28
WHERE: Visitors’ Centre

7pm – 8pm Delicious Meal prepared by the PROSKILLS Gourmet Cooking Class

8pm – 9pm PROSKILLS Variety Show!

Variety Show

The evening will present a variety of short performances (each around five minutes) of skills that include public speaking, juggling, hip-hop, social media, circus, mime, professional presentation, dance, capoeira and more.

Internship Opportunities

The evening will also present internship opportunities for people looking to accelerate their training on the job.

Public Speaking Performances

The night will also feature public speaking performances from students currently enrolled in the PROSKILLS public speaking workshop.

Ask questions & Sign up

Trainers will be available at the event to answer questions regards their course and if you’re interested to sign you up!


PROSKILLS is the new name given to the Auroville Apprenticeships Program – it connects people with skills with people who would like to develop their skills.

Trainers Wanted!

If you have a skill that you’d like to share, please call us on 948 6623 749

Students wanted!

If you would like to explore the courses that PROSKILLS currently offers, or would like to suggest a new one, please call us on 948 6623 749.