Announcing the “Open Call” for the IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2020. 

Wars and dissent, political hegemony, migration and instability, smothering of expression and artistic endeavours and many such agencies, are making ours a polarised world. No ready answers and solutions are available, to vent the unrest and dichotomy of thoughts, that is thrown up. The least, then, that can be expected, is to make available a platform to express these concerns and lend an ear to these ‘stories’. By this attempt we hope to lead up a new path, while definitely creating a lucrative ambience, to be heard and seen.

The IAPAR international Festival 2020 invites applications under the umbrella of ‘Marginalised Narratives’ The festival will take place in Pune, India in November 2020! Deadline for application is 27th March 2020.

Send us an email on for the detailed application form or call on +91 77750 52719 to know more.