Anu_Infinity_Papers_CoverAnuradha Majumdar‘s new YA book, Infinity Papers, the second of the Infinity adventures is now in the Auroville Library. A few more copies are in Auroville school libraries.

About the book: The discovery of a mysterious crystal rock sets three extraordinary young children Marina, Gautam, and Tenzin on an epic journey to the lost land of Infinity; a place that promises peace and beauty to the world. However, they soon learn that the evil corporate, Dargate, wants to destroy the island in its quest towards world domination. It is up to the kids to stop them. Armed with magical stones and a secret mission, the task of saving the world falls upon their young shoulders. They have to find a secret valley in the mountains, spoken of only in legend, and fulfill an ancient prophecy before it gets too late.

Adults can read the book too if they have infinity in their strong, young hearts and like owls, parrots and D.Phloss.

About the author: Anuradha Majumdar was a dancer and choreographer before she started writing books like Refugees from Paradise and The God Enchanter. She has published short stories and poetry, often contributing poems for art installations and choreography projects. She has participated in poetry festivals in India and in the Focus India event in Rome. She lives and works in Auroville, and she can be contacted at

The book is also now available at Freeland and at the Visitor’s Centre in Auroville and at Higginbotham’s and Focus in Pondy.