9/17/2019 Czech artist presents an interpretation of Aurobindo’s philosophy on canvas – Times of India

Czech artist presents an interpretation of Aurobindo’s philosophy on canvas Times News Network | Sep 12, 2019, 04.18 AM IST Printed from Puducherry: Czech artist Ivana Frousova, who resides in Auroville has attempted to interpret Sri Aurobindo’s book, ‘Synthesis of Yoga’, through her paintings. As part of a project funded by Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research (SAIIER), Ivana studied and presented her views on the book in a series of paintings using only four shades of watercolors — carmine, burnt sienna, Persian blue and lemon yellow. She has exhibited her selected works at Pitanga cultural center, Samasti in Auroville. The exhibition will conclude on Saturday. “This is my first attempt to interpret a book through paintings. My aim is to decipher Aurobindo’s teachings of reuniting with God and nature to lead a liberated and perfect life and attempt to present them on canvas. It’s an ongoing work. I plan to do more paintings,” said Ivana. She worked in the finance sector in the United Kingdom for nine years before deciding to quit the 9-5 job and explore varied forms of expressions. Ivana discovered her interest in meditation while scuba diving in Mauritius, leading her to move permanently to Auroville and to establish herself as a full-time artist. She settled in Auroville in 2014. “I visited galleries and met many artists in the United Kingdom, but it was not until I came to Auroville that I realized my true calling towards art. I tried everything, from cricket to watsu, but since I began painting, I haven’t put my brush down”, she said.

Ivana’s last work involved different techniques and compositions. Her portraits of Tamil workers of Auroville were exhibited in Kala Kendra. The children in the locality are her source of inspiration. “I drew inspiration from the children when I began to experiment with charcoal. Sketching them inspired me to explore more and do more. They would never be disappointed, just excited to see themselves turn into drawings,” said Ivana.