Kalabhumi Music Studio


Integral Yoga and Music

Music can be an aid towards meditation and in its effects, it can harmonize and elevate the different parts of the human being. In integral yoga, music will work in a twofold manner, ascending and descending. In the ascending aspect, the musician prepares himself through study, practice, concentration, and devotion, to archive an opening and contact to the higher spheres of sound and music, Nada Brahma. For the descending movement, the musician needs to develop a strong aspiration, to receive and consequently express this achievement through imitation, inspiration, intuition, and improvisation.

History and Location

In the early years of Auroville, musicians were able to practice amplified music in a non-soundproof room at Bharat Nivas in the international zone. Through the initiative of active musicians in 1997, a small underground generator room was transformed into the first Kalabhumi Music Studio. As a need for a growing Music Scene, a donation from an Auroville Commercial Unit was in 2002 received for a more spacious Studio with an attached Amphitheatre (300 seats). In 2010 longstanding plans for an Amphitheatre with 600 seats were finalized. In 2019 this Amphitheatre was improved with a practice and dressing room. The Music Studio is situated in Kalabhumi (Land of Arts) in the Cultural Zone of Auroville. Kalabhumi provides also space for Fine Arts (painting and sculpturing Workshops), Performing Arts (Theatre-, Multimedia- and Choir Auditorium, CRIPA) and a Film Institute (Aurofilm). Behind the Public Buildings is a line of 3 houses for the caretakers of the Music Studio.


The vision for the music studio is to have a space for musicians to express, practice and teach their art. At the moment around 40 musicians are actively involved in various genres of music. Rock-, Blues-, Jazz-, Latin-, Bossa Nova, Funk-, Folk-, Indie-, Soul- and A-capella groups prepare here there frequent performances for different venues in Auroville. Education is a strong focus for us and we provide contacts between young students and associated music teachers for classical- and jazz Piano, Violin, Tabla, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Saxophone and Voice. Users of the studio maintain the expenses for the Studio through monthly contributions (300 Rs per month). The studio can also be rented from guest musicians for the preparation of concerts or to make recordings. Regarding availability, timings, charges, and details please contact us by E-mail. A caretaker team, selected from among the musicians will handle maintenance, accounts and the schedule for the users. The studio was specially designed for amplified music by an Auroville Unit (Sound Wizard). The measurements are 15 x 8 meters with a height of 5 meters, it has a wooden floor, Air-condition, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), an office space, a storeroom, and a bathroom. To avoid any reverberation, all the walls and the ceiling are not in a rectangular shape and the walls are provided with sound-absorbing panels. The available equipment consists of a PA system, a mixing board with USB recording facilities, keyboard, acoustic piano, drum set, guitar amplifier, bass amplifier, various microphones, stands, cables, and accessories.


To establish an active contact and exchange with musicians from India and International Artist we plan to build:

  1. 6 to 8 smaller practice and teaching studios for piano, drum, sax, trumpet, flute, guitar & small ensemble work.
  2. Another medium size studio for bands.
  3. A Music Library and Research Centre (computer room)
  4. A building for social activities (Cafeteria with a smaller stage)
  5. A workshop to build and repair instruments and equipment.
  6. Accommodation-rooms for visiting Artists or Teachers.

At Kalabhumi, we would like more people working actively and regularly in managing the music studio.
We have just enough funds to maintain the studio and are looking for support for its future development.


E-mail:   music-studio-users@auroville.org.in

Address: Kalabhumi, Auroville 605101, Tamilnadu