Kochi_postgradHosted by the Kochi Biennale Foundation and Palette People at Vagamon, Kerala

About the Residency

The 10-day Post-Graduate residency programme is meant for young artists who wish to continue their education in art, understand their individual practice, and articulate themselves in the art-world. The residency is limited to artists who practise painting, drawing, photography and new media.

The residency aims to create a space for young artists to work in a collaborative environment, to encourage individual development of creative skills, and facilitate a free and open exchange of ideas and knowledge of contemporary art practices.

Participants are expected to use the space and resources offered to work towards a Residency Show to take place in Kochi in September 2015. They are also encouraged to collaborate with each other and with the local community on a public art project in the Vagamon area.

The residency programme will provide transport, accommodation, food and basic materials, over and above a residency stipend. At the close of the residency period, the participants will have to present a report of work done to the Foundation.

Selected artists will be hosted at Palette People Foundation’s Residency at Vagamon, a hill station on the Western Ghats is 100 km from Kochi. To apply, please send the following details to info@kochimuzirisbiennale.org

  1. Reference photographs and descriptions of earlier work
  2. Your resume