One Year course of Kolam Yoga that will take place in 2017 at the new built space that i named Kolangal DD in D. In community Douceur Auroville.The Kolam Yoga course intends to bring back to life the Kolam syllabus as a full-fledged learning tool. An integral approach, pedagogic building blocks, psychological and spiritual values sourced from around the world give it its contemporary support and comprehension.

Grace Gitadelila wishes Kolam Yoga to become accessible to all.The course fee covers all its basic needs in order for it to manifest and grow as a self supporting activity. ( No fundraising , no grant requesting etc.) Every one participating becomes part of its future expression and manifestation.How ever individuals with no financial income can always negotiate an in kind exchange for the learning.

Example; come earlier clean the learning space, bring something you grow on your farm to feed us 😉

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