werner_sasse_01Ink Painting on Korean Paper Workshop with Werner Sasse

January 17th (Saturday), 3-5pm, Unity pavilion

Korean Paper (“Hanji”) has been famous in East Asia as being of superior quality for almost 2000 years. It is made from the inner bark of the Paper Mulberry. In this workshop we will work with Hanji made for calligraphy and painting, exploring what happens when ink and Hanji come together. Watching the dialogue between paper, ink, brush and each participant as an artist, we will discover the meaning of “Everybody is an artist when (s)he is told how to be”. The workshop is open for everyone, with or without prior experience in painting of calligraphy. (If you bring your own brush it would be best, but there will also brushes be provided).

Participation is limited to 25, reservation required,
sms 9489823112 or email suh.jinhee@gmail.com


Lecture on “Beauty in Korean Culture” (with slides) by Werner Sasse

January 17th (Saturday), 5-6pm, Unity pavilion

Like every culture, Korea has developed a distinct sense of beauty in its 2000 years of traceable history. In this globalized world it is necessary to also try to understand the differences, like the differences between Chinese, Japanese and Korean cultures, which too often are simply lumped together as “East Asia”. In this lecture some characteristics of the distinct sense of beauty in Korean culture will be explained using examples from art, literature, architecture, and so on

Werner Sasse is a scholar (Korean Culture) and painter living and working in Korea.
presented by Korean Pavilion