ACRES FOR AUROVILLE in collaboration with UNITY PAVILION and AV ARTS is very happy to share 

« LIMINAL SPACE » ART FOR LAND  2021 exhibition & fundraiser for Auroville’s land

with its new WEBSITE & ONLINE  GALLERY                   


«Liminal Space» is the theme for the 6th annual edition of Art for Land. A « liminal space » is a threshold, a space of entering or beginning, a place of transition where all transformation takes place. This threshold between what was and what will be is the theme for Art for Land’s magnificent 2021 collection and AFL’s doorway to new beginnings. Our celebration of beauty and solidarity for Auroville’s land will be ongoing until 28th February.

« Liminal Space » was initiated on January 31st with an inspiring Inauguration and the first viewing of its professional-quality exhibition and artworks. The inaugural event was a beautiful expression of Auroville’s highest aspirations, sense of community and dedicated purpose, with sharings by  a variety of Aurovilians, and carried by Nadaka and Keshava’s great music throughout.

This magnificent exhibition of the collection, with its hundreds of impressive artworks, truly expresses Sri Aurobindo’s words «Beauty is His footprint, showing us where He has passed».

The new Art for Land website is our online gallery featuring the works and their artists and is itself a luminous expression of exquisite care for beauty and high ideals.  Works can be viewed and reserved online or at the Unity Pavilion (daily from  10 AM to 4 PM non-stop)  More information is available at and at (+ 91) 413 -2623576.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate a month of solidarity for Auroville’s designated but still-missing land with the entire month devoted to the exhibition, concerts, performances, stimulating talks and favorite events including the ongoing Grace Lottery and the annual Generosity Fair on the 14th! 

All proceeds from art purchase and donations at the events go to the Acres for Auroville land campaign for Auroville’s still-missing lands.

Here’s the schedule for this week’s great events – three events are land fundraisers, and we invite your support and generosity: 

2nd Feb (4 PM to 5 PM)

Meet and Greet the artists

Join us for tea and conversation with artists Rakhee Kane and Jyoti Khare as they share their insights and journey with their art forms. 

3rd Feb (5 PM to 6.30PM) 

Sound Bath with Svaram

Join us in an experiential space of deep relaxation through a basic tuning process and an exposure to the soothing waves and vibrations of pure acoustic instruments. (A Unity Pavilion event) 

4th Feb (4 PM to 5PM)

Meet & Greet the Artists 

Join us for tea and conversation with artist and gallery founder/curator Lalit Verma as he shares his insights from his journey with art. 

6th Feb (9.30 AM to 11.30 AM)

Art meditation led by Gopika along with live music by Nadaka and Keshava  – Engage in a creative process that can lead the way into unraveling the beauty, mystery and the transformative power of the Arts and embark on a meditative art journey in discovering your creative self.

10th Feb (5 – 6:30 PM) 

Sound Bath with SVARAM

Join in an experiential space of deep relaxation through a basic tuning process and an exposure to the soothing waves and vibrations of pure acoustic instruments (a Unity Pavilion event)