Live Long – LAUGH: a two-day Certified Laugh-shop 
Healing Laughter Jest for the Health of It!
Experience fun, joy and laughter with Hamish and Fif.

24th and 25th August
9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, Auroville
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Fif and Hamish, world renowned Laughter Yoga teachers, founders of MeDiClown Academy, Therapeutic & Medical Clowns and Theatre Artists with 30+ years of experience have certified thousands of people internationally in Laughter Yoga.
The workshop utilizes various techniques that they’ve honed in their decades long career in MeDi Clowning to teach you how to use laughter to lighten up your life, lengthen your life and learn how to love yourselves.
Participants will learn:
· An understanding of the significance of Laughter for physical and psychological health and well-being.
· The basics of leading Laughter sessions
· How to create therapeutic Laughter
· The importance of the Inner Spirit of Laughter · How Laughter can aid respiratory function
. Laughter’s ability positively affect mood and alleviate depression & anxiety that can lead to suicide
· How to stimulate creativity and imagination through laughter
· How to use therapeutic Laughter in a variety of settings like schools, healthcare, government, businesses . How to use Laughter to invite spontaneity into your life.
The two-day intensive workshop that’s set in the picturesque backdrop of Auroville, includes 2 lunches, a breakfast, tea and snacks plus gst food and is priced at 5500 INR – (special fee for Aurovilian and Newcomers)
*Ask us about our Certified 600-hour MeDiClown Academy Training Program.

 Organizing Group: MeDiClown Academy
 Phone: +91 80987 9695