My Pumpkin Roof

Auroville Green Practices is happy to announce that we recently released a publication on Urban Agricultue titled My Pumpkin Roof – How to grow your own urban food garden.

My Pumpkin Roof is meant to inspire, encourage and guide anyone and everyone to take charge and start growing their own food. It does not matter if you are a homemaker, a businessperson, a student, retired, male or female, young or old. It does not even matter if you live in a mansion with acres of land or have access only to a windowsill — with a little bit of creativity and innovation — food can be grown anywhere. Use this book as a starting point to see the different ways that you can grow food in different containers and spaces, understand sowing cycles, companion planting and how to nurture your plants. If you are motivated to take control of one of the most basic needs of our existence, this book is a great first step!

The book is available a Visitors Centre book store, Freeland bookstore and at Auroville Consulting offices at Saracon Campus.