Endings and Beginnings…After quite a long pause in print production because of the lockdowns in India, our team is pleased to bring to you the paper edition of several very important books from Auroville.

Death Doesn’t Exist

Death Doesn’t Exist is one of the most read books of PRISMA and a precious compilation of Mother’s experiences on “Death”, a subject which is experienced on a daily basis but never quite talked about. It also presents Sri Aurobindo’s mirror views on “Rebirth”. In this latest update in both print and web editions, Mother’s advices on how to deal with death, or new beginnings, are often mind-blowing, yet plain and simple. The book is now also available on gift economy as a web-book.
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Matrimandir Talks as Given by The Mother

For friends and people interested in Auroville, its many forms of physical manifestation are not only the results of genius and toil, but also a matter of the heart. The Matrimandir is possibly one of the most studied Auroville icons in this subject matter. The team at PRISMA is proud to offer Matrimandir Talks in hardcover. The book features most of The Mother’s talks on Matrimandir, including how she had conceived the idea for this unique building in Auroville, designed for concentration and meditation. It also includes her talks on this subject with the architect Roger Anger, with disciples from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, as well as various Aurovilians. Her reflections on this project started as early as 1954, and the talks ended with her passing on 17 November 1978.

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Hold in Your Hands the Memories of Auroville

Memories of Auroville by Janet Fearn is a collection of interviews about the very early days of Auroville. It is also the very first web-book published by PRISMA and has gone on to become our most popular web-book so far with more than 30,000 online reads in a few months. We are happy to announce that this gem is now available in a beautiful paperback version.

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Refreshing New Visions from Naloke

Also available now in a quaint paperback edition with intricate illustrations is Naloke by Abanindranath Tagore, the father of modern art in India. This picturesque parable of the artist as a visionary has been freshly translated into English from the Bangali original by Debashish Banerji, great grandson of the artist, and an accomplished scholar in his own right.Buy print edition here ⇾

The Sun Gate, a photo exhibition

 The Gate of the Sun, also known as the Gateway of the Sun, is a monolith carved in the form of an arch or gateway at the site of Tiahuanaco by the Tiwanaku culture, an Andean civilization of Bolivia that thrived around Lake Titicaca in the Andes of western South America. PRISMA is delighted to announce a photo exhibition on this fascinating and mythological archeological site. The exhibition will run all of December in the gallery of Aurelec Cafeteria.
 Wishing you many happy reads,
The new Prisma team