Journey of sustainability In my world, wastes or things that are no longer wanted are the seeds place of the creation of Art. Growing up in poverty, these materials were the only way to manifest art without being held back by scarcity. These unwanted materials, expired by trend, time & innovations, show the passage we sailed through as human species. These materials shows our ambitions, success and failures of our time. What it has cost us to get here? Art, made with materials that reveals what it costs us to be where we are. These art pieces tells us the story of what we’ve been ignoring and that now is the time to act!


In Korea, the beautiful country where I come from, wearing masks and receiving heavy metal air contamination alert became part of our everyday life. In India, this beautiful country where I live now, the burning of garbage including plastic often makes the air unbreathable. I wonder will we in India also have to wear masks. Climate change and environment degradation isn’t anymore in the far future. It’s happening now and it’s happening fast. Through listening to those stories these art pieces tells, led me to finding my purpose in life. The last 10 years living in India has been a journey of sustainability. And during that journey I asked myself everyday. “What am I actually doing for the environment?” In reflecting the past, I envision the next 10 years with more awareness and responsibility. And this is the question I ask myself, and to you. What can I give back to the earth? What action do I need to take to fulfil my role as a guardian of this planet?