Global Talent challenge for young people below 21years:
Star lion cubs (below 15Y)
Lion Hearted youth Leader (16-21Y)

If you were a Lion today, what message would you have for us humans?
Whether you sing, dance, act, or give a speech, make your ROAR heard
Amazing prizes include an opportunity to travel to White Lion territories
This Talent Challenge is intended to bring support for lions from all corners of the earth through the voices of the future – CHILDREN.
Submit your online video clip entries before September 10.

More info:
Organised by the Global White Lion Protection Trust


MMC Cinema Paradiso Saturday, August 20 at 10.30 AM

screening of Sacred White Lions, a National Geographic documentary

One Woman’s Battle for Africa’s Most Sacred Animal which is a heart-warming story about her personal journey to save South Africa’s rapidly diminishing white lion population as well as her mission to globally ban canned hunting.

followed by (at more or less 11.20 am)  short clips related to the Global Talent challenge One United Roar / questions and answers