Art for Land Exhibition 2019
February 1 st – March 15 th
continuing Auroville’s 50 th Anniversary celebrations
An Invitation to the worldwide Artist Family




Dear Friends,
We will soon be launching the “Art for Land” 2019 exhibition – a beautiful showcase for artistic creativity as well as a solidarity action for Auroville’s still-missing land!

As this, our 4 th edition, will be part of the last months of the 50 th Year celebrations, our aspiration is to make this event very special. Art, Beauty, and Creativity are all intrinsic parts of Auroville. So let’s make this new exhibition really great – a living homage to Auroville’s 50 years, worthy of the Vision & Dream of the Mother. We invite you all to join this venture and to invite all your artist friends!

As before, in an action of flowing generosity, all donations for the works you contribute will go to the “Acres for Auroville” campaign as land donations and will be used exclusively for land purchase for the urgently-needed missing acres of Auroville’s Master Plan area. For our old friends, your artworks remaining from last year’s exhibition could either be showcased again, or be taken back and replaced – or added to – by new works that you have created this year. If you have something to offer for this 4 th edition, we will be delighted! Please let us know
quickly so we can begin planning. Also, please indicate whether you will need transport for delivering it to the Unity Pavilion. More details will be forthcoming very soon.

We thank each one of you for your precious collaboration for our previous exhibitions and in advance for your participation in this one!
With our warm appreciation,

The Art For Land – Unity Pavilion Team of Jaya, Devasmita, & Rema
In association with the “Auroville Arts Service” & the “Acres for Auroville” campaign