K-Sori, is an episodic series presented in association with Lotte Foundation, Noreum Machi and Nowpan Korea, to showcase emergent young musicians from Korea who provide a contemporary twist to traditional instrumentation and compositions. The series presents select winners of the annual Chulsapyo competition that began in 2015 in Korea to provide scholarships to high school and college students to encourage them to study
gugak (traditional Korean music) and create qualitative compositions using traditional Korean instruments. The series celebrates the spitit of this initiative which aims to nurture, preserve and promote traditional Korean
music amongst young musicians and a contemporary audience, both in Korea and around the world.

K-Sori – Episode 4 – Remidas & Hansako

Join us on Thursday, 9 December 202l Time : 6.00 p.m. IST
Clik: https://www.youtube.com/user/lnKoCentre

The link to view the performance will be accessible until Sunday, 9 January 2022.


Remidas comprises geomungo player Kim Minyeong and gayageum player Park Jihyeon, both of whom perform creative music with open-mindedness. Since 20 I 5, these two musicians have been exploring and developing the timbres and techniques expressed through improvisation and creating music based on such experimentation. They create music based on traditional compositions and combine this with improvisational music, or the present-day sinawi, i.e. a type of traditional Korean music performed improvisationally by a musical ensemble to accompany the rites of Korean shamanism.


Hansako means to ‘struggle with death’. The musicians aim to explore traditional musical expressions that resonate and reflect the contemporary era.