The intimate space of Adishakti Theatre was witness to the tragic unfolding of a king’s descent into madness once he realises he’s been deceived by flatterers. The Auroville Theatre Group’s production of Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’ featured a cast of actors from several parts of the world. The production, staged from December 7-9, while being largely faithful to the original Shakespearean text, featured its actors in modern outfits with smartphones, laptops and guns, bringing the play closer to our own day and time.

While the play ran into four hours, it was made engaging thanks to the brilliant lead and supporting performances (notably that of the title character, played by Kong, an actor from Thailand), lighting, set design and music. The initial idea was to stage the production at Bharat Nivas, which was then moved to Adishakti Theatre due to ongoing renovation work.

Photos by Aurelie Fischer:

Photos by Olivier Normandin: