PondyPhoto2016_featureIf you are on Facebook, then we are pretty sure you have noticed that we are running a Bitgiving campaign to raise funds to LIGHT THE FESTIVAL.  We really appreciate all the sharing that everyone is doing to help get the news out.  Thank you!

Unfortunately though, sharing is not getting donations and with only 15 DAYS left to the Launch we still have not raised the money to turn on the lights in the Old Port.  We have been working on the installation for over 2 weeks now and thanks to the efforts of Yannick Cormier, Arun and Muthu’s team the venue is starting to look INCREDIBLE!  We want to give EVERYONE the chance to see it and that means opening at night too.

CHECK OUT our NEW VIDEO and MAKE DONATIONS  through the Bitgiving campaign or PAYPAL on our Home Page

Can you please help us by contributing to this effort to showcase AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHY ON WATER by sending out emails or messages to everyone you know to help.  We can’t do it without you!


PondyPHOTO 2016

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