Experience the power of energy cultivation and freedom from food with internationally acknowledged expert on prolonged fasting.

  1. ‘Nourished by Source’ – April 7-11
  2. ‘Warrior’s Retreat’ – Apri 14-18
  3. ‘Walking the path’ – April 28-May 2

Retreat will happen live at the Tibetan Pavilion and also be available online for interested people form all over the world and India.

What you will learn:

Learn about un-fooding & energy cultivation towards physical freedom, different types of safe fasting, meditations; retraining the mind and reconditioning the body; self healing, energy shift & transformation in a strong & healthy way with Elitom Elamin, internationally acknowledged expert on prolonged fasting & living on prana.

How to participate?

It is possible to attend just half or some of the days. To fast is not the prerequisite for the retreat, as the energy cultivation comes first!

Last retreat from 24’th to 28’th @ JOY. All retreats are independent from each other.

Prior Registration Required. For registration: WA: +91 – 94880 47368 or mail ara@auroville.org.in