Non-Traditional Livelihoods Network and Akshara Centre
in collaboration with Kriti Film Club Presents ‘Limitless Boundaries’ (5.40 mins / Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, English with Eng. sub-titles / 2021)

Creative Directors: Aanchal Kapur and Richa Kapoor

Editor: Rahul Sharda

Synopsis: With women’s labour participation rates decreasing across the world and in India, more and more avenues of work are possible for women to earn livelihoods with dignity. The choice to be a cab or e-rickshaw driver, carpenter, a painter, a plumber, a bike mechanic or mobile repair mechanic is not easy, especially since these are previously male dominated occupations. And yet, when 15 women across eight Indian states break these barriers and choose non-traditional livelihoods, their stories need to be heard. Join these women in their journeys as they challenge social norms and steer their lives with a spirit of freedom and confidence, with support from members of the Non-Traditional Livelihood Network.