Dear friends,
last week we posted in News & Notes an announcement for a Short Theater Festival that will take place in Auroville later this year.
The key words of this event are: “Simplicity” and “Unity”. Or better even, “Diversity in Unity”.

Simplicity because the focus will be on the event itself and it will be open to Aurovilians and Newcomers only. We will keep the organisation of this festival simple and feasible. The first step towards creating this festival is to write an original short theatre play. The script needs to be written for a play that can be performed on stage and which is between 10 and 15 minutes long. To give you an indication: one page of text usually equals one minute on stage.

Diversity in Unity because the theater groups and the creative people in Auroville are many and diverse now days. All interesting and each with a definite “touch”. So we thought how beautiful could be that so many people and groups partecipate to the same event bringing together so many different stiles and expressive qualities in the same event?

But what is also important is that we would like that people new to theater could be involved. We would like to meet Aurovilian’s creative writing skills! To uncover the hidden creative talents still lurking in Auroville. Please creative people of Auroville step out!

The idea arose after we came across an article on “The Hindu” regarding a short theatre script contest and thought on participating on it. But then we said: why don’t we do the same thing in Auroville? So the initial idea was divided in 2 parts: a script contest and the staging of the 3 winning scrips. But, to put it short, such a contest it proved at this point in time to be too complicated to realise. We then opted for the idea of creating a Theatre Festival where everyone involved or interested in theatre can share the same space for a single event.
Here you are. That’s all. We won’t tell you “you HAVE to participate”. Please, just listen within yourself if this is the right experience for you and then let us know.

More information about the festival:

1) The first stage is to write a short script and submit it to the email address mentioned below.

2) Then the writer will take care of contacting the people needed to stage the play (director, actors, make up artist, costume designer etc.. please notice that the Festival won’t have any funds to give for costumes, props and everything).

3) This event is only open to Aurovilians and Newcomers of 14 years and above.

4) The script have to be an original one (no plagiarism!) and never been staged before.

Send your scripts to:
Love, Elke and Francesca