sarobaAs the apogee of the Capoeira festival, the group Ginga Nago invites the community to join them in two themed evenings:


Friday 12th of February 7PM (Kalabhumi):

A night of expression!
We will welcome the Svaram Music Crew for a trembling music concert, Jeremy Roske with his expressive voice and guitar and the Familia de Ouro crew in an acrobatic performance.


The evening will be concluded by a fire Capoeira roda in which guests will play their most expressive and beautiful games. This capoeira circle will be open to all to play in.


Saturday 13th of February 7PM (Kalabhumi):

A night of concentration and thankfulness!

We will welcome family member and friends from Familia de Ouro doing a B-boy performance, our guest teachers offering a brazilian music concert, the Auroville Fire Spinning crew and the Power Pandian Aasan Martial Arts coming from Chennai and demonstrating Silambam.


The evening will end at the light of candles to which the kids & regular students of the Ginga Saroba group will play Capoeira with the guests teachers.


Note, the schedules of the performance might change according to availability of the performers.


If you are interested to join the festival, call 9488328435 (Sam). For further information check


Thanks to all of you supporting the event and the group, these two evenings are dedicated to you!