Sidharth Pathak is an artist in residence, in Kalakendra, for a month. From 10th November – 10th December. And he will also be exhibiting his work in Kalakendra in December, from 11- 22.
its-a-setup deep-blue a-lost-language














I am a self-taught artist who has taken it upon himself to capture states of the human mind through periods of memory formation, emotional transitions, and personal transformation. The three are fall-outs of experiences, and constitute the bulk of human emotional and psychological consciousness. When we reflect upon our existence and look for the answers to life’s questions, we find out who we really are. The purpose of Art is to facilitate that interaction with ourselves, so we may find a semblance of meaning, and sense in the way we live our lives.

As an artist, -the continuous transformation of human consciousness through sentient life- is my chosen area of work. My journey towards understanding the ways of our mind, has found expression through texture, colour and visual motion. I am an Abstract Expressionist.

It came to me as naturally as breathing and I have ever since, decided to devote my life to it. I find myself bursting with project ideas and concepts all day, every day and want nothing more than to keep doing my work, so as to take those projects to fruition.

In my spare time I teach Creative Communications at a couple of universities in Pune, Maharashtra, and support a budding organization that helps people discover their love for art in Mumbai. I study art, psychology, and neurology.