Dearest people we have a very special ceremony on the 31st August 2019 at our America site :
First of all, it is the last day of August, the month of the Pachamama that we usually celebrate together.
On the other hand, we have a New Comer in Av, Eric, from France related with our Continent, one for being married with a Paraguayan lady, and also, for his very close contact with the Dakotas ,with whom, he has been initiated long back.
But more: we have received an incredible gift from the Andes: a Wipala,  the Rainbow flag of the Indigenous People of America .
For all of that, we are going to be together at the Apacheta in the Nursery, just to Celebrate together and also to pray and sing for the healing of the Amazon.
Please bring some food, flowers, incense or anything valuable to you as an offering to the Mother Earth that day.
Thanks for being with us at the end of the Nursery main Entrance -31 st August.4:30 p.m.
Anandi,B, Eric and Lara