Marc, Ok and Ribhu


We (Ok, Ribhu and Marc) just came back from freezing Berlin where we participated in the first meeting of a two-year international project on waste called StartUpcycling. It’s a project focused on upcycling – the process of converting waste into something useful and more valuable. The first meeting was a series of workshops for 9 days. We were 21 participants from 7 different countries (Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, India).

It’s sad to learn that waste is poorly managed all over the planet. And it was extremely positive and heartwarming to see how passionate people are fighting this global problem around the world. The experience of such a collaborative and professional exchange was exciting and we are thrilled to share this with all of you in Auroville!

We invite all youth (from inside Auroville and outside) to join us on this adventure of creativity to tackle one of humanities most dirty problems. Contact us and be part of something new, collaborative and good. We’ll experience, learn, share and earn together.

What came out of this first meeting in Berlin?

1- Our goal is zero waste and the only way to achieve this is to reduce our consumption. This goes against the idea of continuous economic growth.

2- Education is the key to understanding where and how we live. It’s also the way to open the eyes of the future generation.

3- Upcycling is a drop in the ocean of waste. It’s an opportunity to shift into a new paradigm and a higher consciousness. Waste is matter and the more we understand this, the more we’ll value this resource.

Join us. Be part of something new. Help Auroville, India and the world find solutions to trash and pollution.

You are all welcome to join us during the LFA (Litter Free Auroville) 2017 campaign from 17th March to 9th April at Kalakendra.

To participate in LFA 2017, email with the subject line ‘LFA”, or call him on 9442006807.

By Marc, edited by Ribhu