Are we afraid to talk about the quality of art in Auroville?

Artist, a critic of art, lover of art, researcher, neuroscientist, you are invited to an informal discussion at Mitra compound (Town Hall) on Tuesdays 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29 th May and 5th June from 5 pm till sunset. Aurovilians, friends of Auroville, volunteers and guests are welcome also. Please come to look for the quality of contemporary drawings and paintings and how to asses it. It is not about the prices of art pieces or individual preferences but about value which could be recognized even after 200 years.

You could see my new paintings of my limited palette of four watercolours. There will be five days but it is not necessary to come all days but on the other hand, it could be suitable to talk at the first day, have time to think about it for a week and after continuing the next week. We will also discuss how to organize these meetings in the future. If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact Ivana. Mob (91) 7094344154, e-mail:


1. There will not be any tea or other snacks.
2. There will be mosquitoes, a repellent and long trousers are convenient as the protection.
3. If you cannot speak English, please come together with a person who will translate for you and to others.