Tonight, starting at 6pm until late:

– Baul singing

7 til 830 approx
– Mohinyattam – classical dance from Kerala, closely related form to Bharatanatyam
– Chhau dance – muscular semi-classical martial dance form from Eastern India

– Butoh – post-war Japanese-originated movement performance

830 til late

Theyyam. – an incredible ritual, spiritual music, dance and mime form from Kerala. One of the most powerful arts forms I know of anywhere.

Tantrotsav, Feb 5th to 13th 2018, with the theme ‘forms of the formless’, is a celebration of the life infusing elements, the panchabhutas, and their movement from spirit to matter and back, the dance of Shiva and Shakti; a sharing of the Sri Vidya tradition; the energy of transformation.

See the Tantrotsav website.

More information, write to or call: 0413-2622091 | 7736656156 | 827070900

Kalarigram: Edayanchavady main road, Auroville, Near Adishakti.


It is that time of the year. And once again, the family and friends of Kalarigram come together to hold space for the words, wisdom, worship and ritual of Tantrotsav.

Tantrotsav is a community-organised festival, held over 9 days leading to Mahashivaratri. It becomes a safe-space for artists, researchers,teachers, practitioners, seekers across various geographies and disciplines to come together to exchange, express and meditate.

In its sixth edition, Tantrotsav, hopes to delve deeper into the philosophy and various practices of Tantra, Natyashastra, Kalaripayattu, Ayurveda and Yoga. Experientially. With the body-mind, heart and spirit.

The spiritual is not separate from the practical. Although, it can offer a different, unmediated perspective. In these times, in this now, we are undeniably wrestling with newer complexities and conflicts. Hence, Tantrotsav is also a stepping back to retrace roots, and examine independently, the practises of various eastern and western sciences and philosophies. To explore new meanings, new possibilities, alternative depictions of fulfilling coexistence.

We warmly invite you to this flow. The dates this year are Feb 5-13.

May we together blur boundaries of concrete definitions, go past labels and separations. May we support and listen to each other with kindness. Grow lighter.

Lakshmanan Gurukkal