We at Kalarigram warmly welcome the Auroville community to the festival Tantrotsav 2019. The theme of this year’s is Celebration of Bliss or Aanandham. Let’s all together experience the journey of traditions of yesterday to today and tomorrow.
Thank you for you continual support, we are inspired to make the festival better every year.
PFA the Evening programme and Natyashastra workshop calendars for this year. Any minor changes in the line up will be updated on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
We also have created a crowd funding platform to receive support from interested individuals and organisations to help us meet the costs of organizing more efficiently as Tantrotsav has been a self-funded, non-profit festival. The masters and the artists, researchers and performers have participated in Tantrotsav as an offering to the inner divine. This year, it is our sincere intention to honor those who share their knowledge with us with a token of gratitude.
Help us take Tantrotsav 2019 to newer heights and let the knowledge reach as far as the light travels and sound can reach.