The Inward Eye

Date: Saturday, 8 August 2020 | Time : 6.00 p.m. IST


The Inward Eye
– a photographic journey by Kim, Honghee

Photographs are repositories of journeys taken and memories cherished. The Inward Eye is a virtual exhibition, an evocative photo narrative by acclaimed Korean photographer Kim,Honghee. Through sensory frames, complemented with words and music, we glimpse a natural world, colour imagined in black and white, movement suggested in stillness, reflection encouraging the inward eye to quietly draw what is outside, within.

“A hermitage is a small temple which is part of a larger temple, or a house where monks dwell temporarily to reflect, meditate and work towards finding the Way. If a large temple can be considered as the body, a hermitage is the mind. Going to the hermitage is a way of moving forward to meet the spirit of the Buddhist temple. Korean hermitages in particular preserve the essence of Zen Buddhism. In that sense, walking around the hermitage is a way to experience Zen Buddhism which is the essence of Korean Buddhism. I want to take this mysterious journey with you in India.”

– Kim Honghee

Acclaimed Korean photographer, Kim Honghee’s photographs record measured silence and movement within nuanced black and white frames. An intrepid biker, Honghee’s portfolio includes magnificent landscapes and architectural details, with details etched as if in a calligraphic painting. The play of light and stark contrasts indicating the binaries of here and there, light and dark and inside and outside is heightened by the power of chiaroscuro which is so evident in his work.

Kim Honghee has had the unique privilege of photographing one of the most senior of Buddhist monks of the Jogye Order, the Revered Subul Sunim, former Abbot of Beomeosa Temple and the current head of Anguk Seonwon Centre in Seoul and Busan, Accompanying the Venerable Abbot on his journeys in Korea and across the world, he has developed a most spectacular collection of reflective photographs that radiate with positive energy and meditative calm. The Inward Eye, captures that same sense of introspection, the mind stilled and the eye drawn inward to recognise the primal and vital connectivity between the singular, limited self and the limitless, boundless universe. The photographs focus on the buildings and landscape that surround or lie outside the precinct of a temple. The symbolism connecting body and soul, Man and Nature is unmistakable in these evocative photographs that invite viewers to journey with the inward eye as their constant compass and guide.

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