WHEN: Sunday 2nd September, 9:00AM – 5:30PM

WHERE: Kala Kendra basement hall, Bharat Nivas

Based on Gift Ecology (contribute from your heart): Donations through AV bluesheet of SEA (Social Entrepreneurship Association). For Further details & Registration please contact SEA at: socent@auroville.org.in / 9489527893

The Mahabharata is one of the most important epics of the world, and like many of the other great myths, it too is an archetypal drama that is unfolding in each of us in our everyday lives. However, we are often unaware of this and play out habitual patterns of behaviour unconsciously. In this workshop we will delve into what the Pandava archetypes within us could be and how they are being expressed and suppressed in the different contexts we inhabit. This awareness brings along with it a possibility of a new realignment of energies and potentials within us.

Designed as a simple process based on Yoga, Theater and Process-work, it is accessible to people from any cultural background. Prior knowledge of the Mahabharata is useful but not mandatory. Participants need to be present for the entire duration of the workshop. The process involves a significant amount of theater, but nothing strenuous. Please wear clothes you are comfortable stretching in.