Inspirational quotes;To the body there are valuable and unknown treasures, in all its cells, there is an intensity of life, of aspiration, of the will to progress which one does not usually realize.
                                                                         – The Mother

Awareness of the physical structure is an asset for life. It allows individuals to more effectively relate to and use their bodies. If the children grow up with the habit of listening to their bodies and have had the experience of what the optimal body posture is and how to attain it, they will have a healthier relation with their own bodies which will result in a higher quality of life.
 Aloka Martí & Joan Sala, founders of ATB.
 Excerpt from the book “Awareness through the Body”
To perceive attention as a physical sensation.
Awareness through the body is a form of embodied learning, a way of exploring the wisdom of the body to awaken consciousness. 
The practice guides one into a state of receptivity, acknowledging the inner and outer world, and enabling ones energy to flow in a transformative way.
ATB provides tools for educators, parents, and therapists of all disciplines to help individuals develop their capacities for calm attention, self-knowledge, and progress towards a balance of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of being.The activities – a synthesis of yoga, martial arts, dance and meditation- are organized sequentially and can be quiet or lively, simple or intricate, or just plain fun.

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Feedback from Sandy Wells, ATB workshops coordinator in North America.
Hello. Ciao. Bonjour. Shalom. Hola. 
Being able to share ATB within North America is a pleasure and honour for me. For those of us who have experienced it, ATB has opened paths of personal, collective, and spiritual awareness that we continue to travel on –  paths that unfold as we are walking, in real-time, every moment. It is the practice of simply “being”, without judgement or expectation.

Together, we intend to promote experiments in teaching and practicing ATB in North America with the aim of bringing into being a community of practice around ATB that can continue to expand and deepen.

With love!

Sandy in Toronto