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Do!Too much screen? Time to switch to Book-tivities! Taking off from our books we’ve come up with ideas that need writing, drawing, talking and lots of thinking – hands and minds at work, with minimal screen. Look out for new uploads!

So who is your favourite lockdown friend?Here are the characters that topped the charts:
1. Gajapati Kulapati from the Gajapati Kulapati series
2. Mala from Mala’s Silver Anklets
3. Kumbhakarna from Junior Kumbhakarna
4. Maharani from Maharani the cow
5. Thumb Thumb Thambi from the Thumb Thumb series
6. Ruru from Rooster Raga
7. Soda and Bonda from Soda and Bonda
8. Ammachi from Ammachi’s Glasses
9. Moyna from The Why-Why Girl
10. Mani from Monday to Sunday

Thank you for the many wonderfully creative responses!
We’re extra happy that our books are keeping you company during this lockdown.

More polls, offers and booktivities are coming soon
So stay in touch, stay strong and stay tuned!