emergenceOpen Mic

Calling all closet, amateur and professional musicians, singers, writers, poets, dancers, and performers!

Our stage and hearts are open, please come together for an evening of delightful sharing

On Tuesday December 27, 7 pm onwards at Solitude Farm Cafe.

If you’d like to participate, please call Shachi: 98200 92126.

Dinner and desserts available to order.


LIVE MUSIC: A History of Jazz Bass with Mishko M’ba (bass), Matt Littlewood (keys)

Join us at Solitude Farm Cafe on Wednesday 28 December – 7 pm onwards

as Mishko M’ba takes us on a spoken and musical journey through the history and evolution of the role of the electric bass in jazz music,

since its appearance in 1952 to the present day.

Dinner and desserts available to order.


LIVE MUSIC: Emergence

Thursday December 29, 7 pm onwards at Solitude Farm Cafe

Dinner and desserts available to order.

Krishna Mckenzie (guitar+lead vocals), Mishko’Mba (bass), Karthik Iyer (violin+vocals) and Soundar Rajan (drums/percussion)

form Emergence, an acoustic indo-pop band with electric stage presence. The band’s music spreads the spirit and message of Japanese

Zen master and farmer Masanobu Fukuoka, natural farming, the importance of local, seasonal and fresh ingredients in reclaiming our

nutritional and ecological health, and the value of celebration in community. Passionate frontman Krishna fills in the gaps between

tracks with snippets that convey Fukuoka’s spirituality and life at Solitude Farm, while Mishko’s face-melting basslines and violin

prodigy Karthik delight and uplift audiences.