PondyPhoto2016from PondyART:

We are looking forward to a great summer season especially towards the end of August when PondyART opens WATER, the 2nd edition of PondyPHOTO at the Old Port. Our program is really incredible and includes exhibitions, presentations, workshops, films, performances, an amazing youth outreach program and much more. It is also very exciting to see how many businesses, organizations, agencies and individuals have gotten involved and chosen to support the event so far. We are so proud that the Government of Pondicherry, institutions like Alliance Française and Goethe Institut, arts organizations such as KHOJ and Foundation of Indian Contemporary Art, and environmental agencies like Toxics Link and India Water Portal are part of the project. Their involvement ensures that this will be truly an international standard event and the first to bring so many varied partners together.

In the meantime, we will begin the official announcements of the festival with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com on 29th May. The campaign will be promoted through e-mails, Pondy PHOTO and PondyART on Facebook, and PondyPHOTO on Twitter and Instagram and of course our website at www.pondyphoto.com. Our goal is to raise 12,000 USD (8.5 Lak INR) towards printing costs of the 45,000 sq. feet of selected photographs and towards the public presentation series by photographers, artists, art writers and professionals.

Please share the links to our campaign with friends and family through whichever platforms you use most to ensure the festival campaign reaches as wide a network as possible. Your support in helping PondyART make the arts accessible to all and initiate positive change by building awareness of the No. 1 Global Issue would be greatly appreciated!