Lese-Literati celebrates Childrens Day with a workshop for budding writers!  Young people aged 13 -16 years get an opportunity to consider and create ‚‘From Memory to Memoir‘ stories.

FROM MEMORY TO MEMOIR  Building Relationships through Pictures and Stories

Everyone has a story but not everyone narrates their stories.

  • When: 4:00 – 6:00PM , Sat, 13 November
  • Where: Online, on Zoom
  • This workshop will be conducted in English
  • Price: Prior Registration, Free. Entry restricted to prior registration through educational Institutions
  • For Registrations: Call: 044 2833 1314 / 1645  or Email: Library-Chennai@goethe.de 

Personal stories communicate character and reveal inner beliefs and values. In this workshop with author Monica Cantieni, 13–16-year-olds will share with others in the workshop, their most favourite picture – a family photo, a portrait of a relative, a landscape viz a powerful memory and the stories behind that picture. Then they will explore their creativity in writing /narrative skills -with both fiction as well as nonfiction, as together they weave a story interrelating all their personal stories. The key takeaways: a personal bond -where they connect with each other at a deeper level and a keepsake photo of all the pictures together that can remain treasured.

Author Monica Cantieni, (* 1965), lives in Wettingen, Switzerland. She publishes novels and short stories.
Her last novel “Grünschnabel”, published by Schöffling & Co, Frankfurt a. Main was nominated for the Swiss Book Prize in 2011 and – in its English translation by Seagull Books, Kolkata-London-Chicago – for the First Book Award at the Edinburgh International Book Festival (UK, 2015). The novel has been translated into six languages. To date, she has received numerous awards for her short stories, published in magazines and anthologies.