YouthLink is a service for youth integration in Auroville, in the spirit for community building and integral unending education. Our primary focus is to help integrate NC and AV youth into Auroville – by helping link them to workshops, internships, apprenticeships, jobs, exchange programs, skills training, career counseling etc. to ensure that their individual passion is connected to the right Auroville project/unit/working group.

YouthLink celebrates its annual event on the 12th August. Some of you may have attended our Youth Day events at Bharat Nivas in 2015 and Unity Pavilion in 2016.
The first two years we wanted to highlight the youth work/art/projects/stalls/presentations to show that we are here and inspire other youth to get more active.

However, this year, we want to celebrate differently. We want to create an event that connects older generations to younger generations in a meaningful way.
We have chosen to focus our event on “Exploring Peace and Prosperity in Auroville,” August 12th, Saturday evening from 4-8PM at the Mahalakshmi Park. Tentative Overview:

4:00 Open Discussion Tent on “What is Peace & Prosperity?”

5:00 Activities:

Tree Planting & Seed Distribution
Limited Edition Peace & Prosperity T-Shirts
Creative Art Corner: Oregami & Lamp Making
Open Music Jam Sessions
Cooking Apprenticeship Food Stall

6:30 Screening:

Prosperity Film
Youth in Auroville Film

7:00 Food Available at Neem Tree Cafe

7:30 Collective Meditation with Oil Lamps

We would be really grateful if you would attend this event. We would be EVEN MORE grateful if you wanted to participate in some way. If you could add an activity to the space that you feel would reflect the theme, that would be amazing.

This event is focused to bring Aurovilians together… it is a community space where we want to encourage deeper reflection in a joyful atmosphere.

Posters will go out soon, so please inform us if you want to add something to the event.


The YouthLink team

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