We’d like to bring to your attention these 3 art projects currently seeking for funds, all part of this new Auroville fundraising webpage:

The Baul Festival
parvathi_baul The Baul Festival will take place in Auroville in mid October 2014. It will comprise of 3 nights of open air performances and 4 days of public discussions, movies and workshops on the topic. Parvathy Baul (picture to the left) and nine other performers from West Bengal will be introducing this sacred music festival to the Auroville community. Your generous support for this festival will help the Auroville Performing Arts team successfully manifest the spirit of Human Unity through sacred music.

Total: Rs. 3,20,845 plus 1% Unity Fund Admin/bank charges
Grand Total: Rs. 3,52,930


marc.barandard [at] gmail.com



White Peacock Clay Club Studio

The White Peacock Clay Club has been active since 2008 and has become a clay art studio for many school children and adults. It would like to provide the larger community with a chance to work after school, in the evenings, during the monsoon and summer months. However, there is not enough room or shelter in the small “temporary” building for this activity to do so. The new building proposed will provide the roots necessary for this activity to grow. Your financial support for the White Peacock Clay Club building will be a great contribution towards supporting the arts in our community!
Projected proposed via Project Coordination Group

Total: Rs. 4,64,151 plus 1% Unity Fund Admin/Bank Charges
Grand Total: Rs. 5,10,516

aurokatrusya [at] gmail.com



Neelanjani Visual Arts Centre

There are so many wonderful artists in Auroville and the time has come to showcase, collectively as a community, our talent to the outside world. The Neelanjani Visual Arts Center at the Auroville Visitor Center will become the center stage where Auroville artists can promote their high quality works for loan or sale, establish networks with outside galleries and be the vehicle for delivering art shows, benefits and markets within and outside of Auroville. Not only will this endeavor bring forth the artistic beauty of so many more talented individuals but it will become a source of income to support the arts in our community.
Project proposed via Project Coordination Group

Total: Rs. 39,02,100 plus 1% Unity Fund Admin/Bank Charges
Grand Total: Rs. 42,92,310


neelanjani [at] auroville.org.in