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Hey Auroville Volunteers!

What you upto 10:30 am, Sunday the 3rd Aug?

Come join us at ART CHAKRA

Art Chakra is an interactive space for all the volunteers of Auroville to express their artistic side in an informal and non-judgemental environment. Whatever be your medium of artistic expression- photography, painting, short films, sculpting, singing, performing arts, storytelling etc., you can share it all with your fellow volunteers, here at Art Chakra. One need not necessarily be a professional artist or an art student to participate in Art Chakra. Ofcourse, it would also provide a great networking opportunity for skill-exchange and to initiate participatory art projects.

So, come participate… and open your Art Chakra.

Registration: The participants who wish to share their works must register beforehand through email. We have limited number of slots of 10 min each for each session of ART CHAKRA.

AV Room, Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas

Sunday, 3rd Aug 10:30am – 12:30pm

Entry:Free and open for all

For more details contact:
Dr. Gaurav Chhabra,
medimedia [at]
or SMS to 9787897947