A tribute to the soiled hands and feet’

a video art installation


Auroville Timelines

for ‘Journey of Auroville’

Vajra Gallery, Dakshinachitra,

off ECR, ahead of Mahabalipuram, Chennai.

20th January to 15th February 2019.

Curated by Richa and Rriv

Supported by ‘Auroville becoming 50’

Curated by Richa and Rrivu, the exhibition is collection of moving images selected from the archival footage of Auroville and projected from multiple old television sets in an immersive dark room. The recorded memories as they play, become a meditative experience taking us beyond the action apparent on screen, deeper into the recesses of consciousness with which the actions were committed. The video exhibition depicts the energy and spirit of Auroville; the momentum and the very labour of love that went into making Auroville what it is today. It is a projection of Auroville’s continuous journey- towards becoming…

Richa Hushing and Rrivu Laha are documentary filmmakers, newcomers in Auroville. They were instantly drawn to the wealth of recorded memories from the formative years; and took upon themselves the task of drawing the stunning visuals records out of their obsolete containers and put them in the public domain, for all to see and experience Auroville as it was, in the making.

Special thanks to the footage contributors:
Pitchandikulam Archives, Auroville Archives, Auroville Outreach Media,
Joss, Anita, Fredrick, Fabienne, Doris, Francis and Renu.

Contact us if you wish to know more; contribute footage, funds, old television sets, DVD players and pen-drives; or if you wish to host the exhibition.

Looking Forward,

Richa and Rrivu