When we were all small children we were all able and wanted to express ourselves through speech, dancing, making marks on a surface with a pencil or crayon or paint or anything we could lay our hand on. The body has always wanted to explore itself. And will continue to want to until we leave. Its expression is unique from each one of us.

Some thoughts on this title. Art has so many connotations and meanings I shake my head at thinking I can be clear about it. I am called an artist by some and I’m sure would not be by others. But that is really the point isn’t it! Who says what is art and why do we call some creators artists and others not? And what does this have to do with us in Auroville?

Human Unity and Unending Education: how many of us have had an art education? How many of those who have are practicing their art? How many in Auroville are practicing photography, sculpting, painting, collage, print making, movie making, silk screening, drawing, writing; stories observations or poetry etc. etc etc.?

AND sharing their process with others who want to learn thus learning by sharing. ?

Integral Education, yes?

This includes the performing arts, of course.

What do you think art is for yourself and for others? Entertainment? Decoration? Education? A Pass Time, to earn Money or for Insights and to expand your perception? Is it done by people in time of inspiration, free time, only when they feel like it, as a dedication, as a job through years of discipline and work?? We all have stereotypes projected on people in different activities and in Auroville artists are just as vulnerable to that.

We would like to recommend that we start supporting those who practice “their art” in Auroville. Not to just finance and bring artists from outside of our community. Help members here to do their work AND in providing storage space for it, for this climate is a real challenge. We all know that materials and ways of creating are changing.

The arts are integrating with each other. We need to have close access to inspire and stimulate, to go forward with each other. The ability to see to perceive to widen our views of the world are needed more than ever. It can and does come through the arts.

Please never forget that your body wants to express itself not to be an artist but so it can heal itself.