art-for-landLands for Auroville Unified & the Unity Pavilion warmly invite you to attend the second annual ‘Art for Land’ Auction to be held on February 25th at 3 PM with Auroville’s Jesse as the inspired auctioneer! Over 300 beautiful works of art have been donated to benefit Auroville’s land by more than 70 artists from Auroville, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, from India and abroad,many of whom enjoy wide reknown, and some of whom will be in attendance. Several works from an earlier time have been seen and touched by The Mother. The artworks are now on exhibit at the Unity Pavilion and via the online gallery of the dedicated Art For Land Web Site. Winning land-donation bids will be decided on Auction Day February 25th at Auroville’s Unity Pavilion starting at 3 PM.

Rare photographs of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo are also on sale with proceeds going as donations for the land. Unity Pavilion is proposing an encouragement for all Aurovilians, Newcomers, Friends of Auroville as well as Auroville Units and Services who visit the Art for Land Exhibition on the 21st, 25th and 28th February and who sign up for a recurring monthly land contribution. Irrespective of amount, they will receive as a gift a photo of their selection from Loretta’s rare photograph collection.

The ‘Art for Land’ auction is a showcase for the creativity of Auroville’s artists and those of artist friends, united to benefit Auroville’s land. It culminates February’s land solidarity actions where the Unity Pavilion, Visitors Centre, the Auroville Marathon, Auroville commercial units and restaurants have all joined hands for the land. Please look for the table cards at participating AV eateries!

LFAU thanks the artists for their generosity, the Unity Pavilion team for their outstanding work, the Visitors Centre, the Marathon Team and all participants and contributors for their solidarity!

All proceeds are land donations to be used by the Land Board for the unified & harmonious base that the City of Dawn needs!