Dear Friends,

Have you always wanted to learn the nuances of filmmaking from those who have mastered the art? Here is the chance to be a part of something special. Welcome to Auroville’s first Kino Kabaret (

We invite individuals of the community to a special event by offering a chance to be involved in the making of a short film. Be a part of conceiving, creating and producing a short film in just 50 hours.

If you are an actor (not necessarily a professional), dancer, makeup artist, costume designer, prop developer, etc. then sign up to be a part of 1 of 10 selected crews.

You will have 50 hours to make the film, from Friday the 8th of September at 2pm until Sunday the 10th of September at 4pm. Following this, the 10 movies will be screened in front of all the participants.

To register as a participant, send an email to with the subject line “First AV Kino Kabaret” and the following information: name, email contact, phone number, what role (composer/musician/actor/performer/tailor/carpenter, etc.) interests you, and which equipment you have, if any.

Kino Auroville Team