Dear Frederick, Jurgen, dear Chali, dear Auroville birthday team we, Barbara, Philippe, Thierry, Gopal, Ashwin, Suresh(Vast team) and BHU team: Madhu, Prakash, Suresh K, Nikhil, Swaroop, want from the bottom of our heart to thank you for this beautiful festival in Baroda.

Curiously as aurovilians, in Baroda, we experienced Auroville community spirit in a deeper way on the tracks of Sri Aurobindo. It was wonderful for us to meet students, teachers, audience and to share our creative process inspired by Sri Aurobindo and Mother. We really had a great time with you, thank you for the organization of such an event and your commitment, kindness, caring and support.

Thank you also to the Dean Prof. Ajay Ashtaputre and to Trilok Singh Mera, head of Drama department and to the teachers of Dance dept. especially Dhowani Ashutosh Mhaskar. All of them were very welcoming, open, positive, helpful, and happy of this sharing with Auroville.

This bridge between Auroville and Baroda is very important for Baroda and also for Auroville community.

We arrived in Baroda on the 24th of September; on the 25th we visited already the Performing arts dept. and the Playbox theatre.


VAST work In progress performance

We were very happy to perform our work in progress VAST on the 26th September.

It was very nice to share our creative process inspired by Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and Mother. The final version of the show will be ready next year beginning 2019.

Philippe did a short introduction of this work. Then the performance was a great success in front of a full venue. Ashwin for the light and Suresh for the sound did a great work in collaboration with the technicians of the theatre which is a magical venue, old and full of good spirit. We felt the support of Auroville and many aurovilians were there in the audience. Serena and Venkatesh shooted the show.

VAST tells the story of a young Nepalese man who was forced to leave his Himalayan Mountains. He is now alone, like a foreigner stifling in his small room in the big slum of the Indian city.

Beyond confinement and misery, he tries day after day, in his routine, to find in his body a door that opens onto the Vast, a path to his Himalayas.

An encounter with a strange character will help him on his journey.

This show is performed by 2 actors dancers on stage: Thierry Moucazambo, Gopal Dalami and directed by Philippe Pelen Baldini. Inspired by Sri Aurobindo and Mother we work about body memories and are looking for this vastness in the body in the matter beyond confinement. This universal story touched all the audience in the theatre and we had standing ovation at the end of the show and a lot of very good feedbacks. We even got a good article in the local newspaper Divya bhaskar .


“It creates a magical moment. At the end peace can achieve when your soul meet to Almighty”.

                                                                                                         Gujrat newspaper Divya bhaskar .


Two days’ workshop: 27th & 28th September

We were very happy direct a dance theatre workshop for the dance dept. and theatre dept. students.    The title of the workshop was: E.MOTION, energy in motion.

We offered an approach to find the performer’s creativity through body experience. How to find one’s own physical and theatrical language. This process is inspired by Sri Aurobindo and Mother.

It was an amazing and deep experience for everyone. Around 50 students attended the worshop here are some feedbacks:

“You all are just amazing, you all teach very well, I feel relaxed, I gained many beautiful things, positive energy from you all. Thank you very much, keep in touch”. Dhowani Ashutosh Mhaskar professor dept of dance faculty of perf.Art(Bharata Natyam)

 “This workshop is extraordinary, I get some unique energy my feeling is beyond the word. Thank you”. Maitraye

“It was really a great experience. We got a lot to learn from the workshop and the play then by you. Thank you”. Maneesha

“It was a wonderful workshop, we felt free to express our feelings with each other through eyes and were free to explore, thank you”. Maitrayee


Bhu performance



We were very happy to perform BHU/Earth for the closing of the festival at CC Mehta auditorium. The collaboration with technicians was very good and finally we had time to set light and sound in a good way and also to rehearse the day before in a very beautiful yoga dance studio. The stage in the auditorium was perfect for Bhu.

Bhu is inspired by the oldest martial art of the world, Kalaripayattu that gave birth to many art forms in South India. In the spirit of Integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo and Mother, we develop this ancient form in a contemporary way. Bhu tells the story of a man who reconnect with himself and Nature.

Bhu is performed by 6 Kalari warriors, musicians, dancers, actors and directed by Philippe Pelen Baldini.


It was not a full venue like the opening but a very good audience. Lot of emotion and standing ovation it was really a magical closing ceremony.

Here are some feedbacks:

“The performance of Auroville was amazing; it was a true retreat and memorable experience. Thank you so much and commendable”. Dr Ambika Patel MSU


“You aurovilians are in our heart, excellent program”. Sonal Joshi


“Very wonderful and accomplished performance. One of the rare ever viewed. Thanks to all artists and the director. Many congratulations and best wishes from Sri Aurobindo society of Baroda”. Kailash Joshi, Sri Aurobindo society of Baroda


“Many congratulations and accolades to the entire team for bringing this ancient and rich art form with an exquisite message to the barodian audience as a part of enriching legacy of Sri Aurobindo in Baroda. We would love to be notified of such activities and performances in the future and hope to visit Auroville soon”. Nayana Trivedi


Report written by Philippe, Thierry, Barbara and Gopal.

Bhu Ritam activity under Auroville arts service.