The Inlaks Take-Off Grants enable young people to realize their potential by providing financial support for constructive projects which foster the growth of individual talent.


The applicant must 

  • Be nominated by an Inlaks Alumnus
  • Submit proof of academic / practical excellence in your field of study.
  • Must be under 35 years of age as on 31 December in the year of application.
  • Be an Indian citizen, resident in India for two years before applying for the grant.
  • The project for which the grant is sought can be tenable in India or abroad.


  1. The candidate must submit a detailed outline of the project that he/she will undertake. In addition to this the below needs to be submitted
  2. Detailed costs of undertaking the project with timelines
  3. Full CV/Resume 
  4. Letter of nomination by the Inlaks Alumnus.
  5. Proof of age (Passport or Aadhar card copy)


  1. Application have to be made between 15 June – 31 October
  2. Final selection will be made by December and the said project must commence within the next six months.
  3. The Take-off grant will award financial support of up to a maximum of $5000.
  4. The application and the other documents must be scanned and emailed to by 31 October. No applications will be accepted post that date.

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