Serendipity Arts announces an Open Call for applications for the Panjim Cube Project under the curation of Thukral and Tagra for Serendipity Arts Festival 2024.

Inspired by the avant-garde ethos of Gutai, this project celebrates artists who challenge norms by merging art with everyday life. Taking its cue from the iconic Gutai artist Tsuruko Yamazaki’s work “Red Cube” (1956), which allowed viewers to enter and become a part of the work, this Open Call encourages proposals that blur boundaries between art and audience, and invite a wider public to step inside the canvas of possibility.

Imagine an 8x8x8 feet cube, suspended somewhere in Panjim. This cube, crafted from a material that speaks to your artistic vision, beckons passers-by to step inside and immerse themselves in its depths. It is an invitation to interact, to engage, and to become part of a living, breathing work of art.

As you envision your proposal, consider the endless possibilities that await within the confines of this cube. How will you captivate the senses? How will you challenge perceptions? How will you invite participants to explore the intersection of art and life in the city of Panjim?

We are excited to hear from you! Submit your application before July 13, 2024 (Extended Deadline).

FESTIVAL DATES Dec 15-22, 2024


INTAKE Upto 8 projects


  • The application should include a holistic project proposal outlining idea and intent.
  • Proposed projects may work with performances, new media projects, physical art insertions, diverse modes of activation stemming from the installation, and other mediums not only limited to the visual arts.
  • The proposal should include a preliminary sketch to explain how the project may look on site and in context.
  • The applicant can define the kind of site they have in mind within Panjim in their proposal. A list of venues will be provided once we receive all the proposals.
  • All the requested documents/pdf files are to be uploaded onto a Google Drive with open access and this Drive link is to be included in the application form.


A completed Application Form
Bio and CV (as single pdf)
Project Proposal [500 words] + Budget Breakup + Statement of Intent [500 words] + Portfolio of Past Work (all within a single pdf – upto 15 mb)

The site will be handed over to the artist based on permissions and curatorial vision.
The main applicant can collaborate with others and the involvement of the collaborator will be included in the proposal. However, SAF will only sign a single agreement with the main applicant.
The project should involve active engagement from December 15th – 22nd. This engagement should be concluded by the 22nd so the structure can be uninstalled on December 23rd.
The grant* allocated to the artist will be based on the budget they present for the project.
The budget submitted with the proposal should encompass all aspects from ideation to final production on site. Apart from the approved budget, SAF will be responsible only for permissions, security, and housekeeping.**
For projects that intend to stay on for a longer duration, consideration of material and maintenance need to be incorporated within the budget.

*subject to TDS and GST tax deductions
**for the duration of the Festival

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